Spectres: The Art
of Jordu Schell

Creature and Character Design

Thursday, October 30th

Jordu Schell is a creature and character designer with over twenty-three years in the film, television, toy and video gaming industries. He designed the characters for the film '300', was key character supervisor for James Cameron’s 'Avatar', and has contributed countless creatures and monsters to films such as 'Men in Black', 'Alien: Resurrection', 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and 'The Mist'.

He has art in the collections of Steven Spielberg, Rick Baker and Richard Taylor, and has taught sculpture and design at Tippett Studio, Industrial Light and Magic, Blizzard Entertainment and Weta Workshop in New Zealand. His passion for the craft of fantasy design is evident in his bizarre creations, and he enjoys tremendously sharing this passion with others.

Artist Statement

"Monsters for me are an expression of mankind's most terrible aspects. War, betrayal, corruption and deceit are bigger and more frightening than their manifestation in a single person. I seek to bring to life in a symbolic way these horrors — to put a face to them, sum them up in one creature. But another, very important aspect of these creations is the intimate knowledge of death and disease that every man and woman must confront, eventually. These creations represent my attempt at catharsis for these fears and understandings — something I can control when I am, in fact, powerless."